Le blog du pesonal branding : “Alerti, I tested it, and I adopted it”

Korben : “Truly ideal for everyone who does a bit of monitoring. Alerti is clearly designed for pros.”

Socializ : “I tested Alerti, a new monitoring service, after 48 hours of use, the result was as expected and completely meets my needs”

CaddERéputation : “Overall, this tool is an attractive solution for getting started in monitoring your reputation on the web. Whether it’s for an organization, or an individual…”

Kriisiis : “Alerti.com, the famous monitoring solution that I don’t hesitate to talk big about in my articles or during my conferences, because this tool is in my opinion, one of the best on the market”

E-Réputation de la veille : “Many articles talk about the usefulness of the tool for small to mid-sized companies, I think that the tool can also be used by large accounts for specific searches by HR departments, monitoring cells, etc”

Guim.fr : “I tested and adopted Alerti, a solution that will certainly entice readers of this blog because it is simple, practical, and effective…”

Accessoweb : "If you need to have a strong online presence, there are 2 essential tools to alert you of new content on search engines regarding requests of interest to you. The first service you can use is Alerti. "

Frenchweb : “Alerti is for everyone who wants day-to-day monitoring, Community Managers, obviously communications departments, marketing, sales finance, etc.”

@Laouffir : “A few months ago I tested @alerti and it’s really effective”