Monitor and analyse

said about you on the internet

AI based real time search engine

Alerti monitors and processes billions of content pieces from the web, online news sites, blogs, social networks, review sites …. and transforms this data into knowledge using state of the art artificial intelligence algorithms.

AI based real time search engine

Media monitoring for productive teamwork

An all-in-one platform that makes data intelligence and analytics easier than ever and helps you become a digital guru, a data geek, a social network ninja or a customer hero.

Manage your reputation
Exceed customer
against your competitors
your industry
Centralize all online

Social listening

Social listening is your superpower. Create alerts on your brand, your competitors, your industry and monitor everything being said on review sites, online news sites, blogs, forums, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube …. Know when negative reviews are posted about your brand and prevent any potential bad buzz.

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Meaningful insights

Transform the data collected into knowledge. Measure your customers’ satisfaction. Analyze trends over time. Leverage our Artificial Intelligence engine to detect the topics of conversations around your brand and their sentiment. Identify your key strengths and weaknesses. Benchmark against your competitors.

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Social inbox

Join the conversations. Connect your social accounts to your Alerti account and reply to posts and reviews mentioning your brand or products. Identify your ambassadors, influencers, detractors and engage with them online.

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Team collaboration tools

Share your alerts, work as a team, manage your coworkers' permissions. Assign tasks to your collaborators and follow the progress made. Respond to posts, comments, reviews. Exceed your customers expectations with exceptional customer service.

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About Alerti

The data intelligence company

Alerti is a wonderful tool that allows us to carry out custom, reliable and real time online media monitoring of our brand.


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