Alerti Analytics

Alerti transforms the data collected into knowledge. Make the right decisions based on the right information.

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Make sense of the data with detailed insights

Monitor the sentiment around your brand and analyse key metrics such as your Reputation Score and the number of positive and negative reviews posted about your business. Measure their distribution by source, ranking, countries and benchmark against your competitors.

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Make the right decisions based on the right information

Our machine learning technology analyzes the mentions and reviews posted about your business to extract the topics of conversation of your customers and their sentiment. See at a glance your key strengths and weaknesses and the positive and negative trends emerging. Make data driven decisions.

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Identify your ambassadors, influencers, detractors

Listen closely to the people that matter to your business. Know who’s talking about your brand and what influence they have. Sort conversations by positive or negative sentiment to find your true ambassadors. Get in touch with them directly and keep track of the conversations.

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Measure your own performance on social media

Get a complete overview of your key metrics on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Dive into the performance of your own social channels and get a clear overview of your Twitter, Facebook and Instagram activity. Analyze reach, engagement, share of voice. Choose which metrics you want to focus on and track them over time to reach your goals.

Measure the engagement of your posts

Get quantifiable insights to measure the performance of your posts and understand which content resonates most with your audience. See which tweets, Instagram or Facebook posts are most shared or get most replies. Compare over time to measure your progress

Identify your top fans and top followers

Easily find and connect with your most active and influential fans and followers. Know who engages the most with your content. Nurture relationships that have already been initiated and turn your most influential followers into brand advocates.

Benchmark against your competitors

Create alerts on your competitors. Compare the sentiment around their brand. Understand where the conversations are happening and what is being said. Track their social media profiles, how their content is performing and what’s working or not.

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