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Number of saved alerts Alerts are keywords or phrases that you can use to search the web and social web for your company name, brand, product, competitors or any keyword of your choice. Alerts allow you to monitor the web for mentions of your keywords or phrases.
Number of saved alerts: 3
Number of saved alerts: 10
Number of saved alerts: 25
Social accounts This corresponds to the number of Facebook and Twitter accounts which you can add to your alerti account to be able to get advanced Twitter and Facebook analytics and interact on those social networks from alerti.
Social accounts: 2
Social accounts: 5
Social accounts: 15
Number of users
Number of users: 2
Number of users: 5
Number of users: 10
Monitoring When you create a keyword-based alert, you select the type of source to monitor : blogs, news, forums, twitter, facebook, images, videos
Monitoring: Blogs, news, forums, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, images, videos
Graphs et statistics Graphs are automatically created to visualize alert results. You can customize any graph based on date, or combine multiple alerts into one graph.
Graphs et statistics
Graphs et statistics
Graphs et statistics
Collaborate You can share your alerts and process the results in a collaborative mode : assign tasks to your colaborators, ad tags to the results to organize them etc
Data Exports All data can be exported to pdf, csv, rtf, png.
Data Exports
Data Exports
Advanced Twitter analytics Te beneficias de estadísticas avanzadas sobre tu cuenta de Twitter y sobre las palabras claves de tus alertas. Sobre tu cuenta : crecimiento de tu número de followers, identificación de tus tweets generando más engagement, análisis de tus followers. Sobre
Advanced Twitter analytics
Advanced Twitter analytics
Facebook Insights You can manage your Facebook pages and monitor the pages of your competitors as well as get analytics on those pages (fans growth, engagement, identification of your top fans, top posts ...)
Facebook Insights
Facebook Insights
Monitor specific RSS feeds You can monitor specific rss feeds by adding them to your alerts. Our search engine will retrieve articles from this source containing the keywords of your alert.
Monitor specific RSS feeds
White Label reporting You can add your own logo to your exports
White Label reporting
Monthly pricing without commitment
$29 per month
$79 per month
$249 per month
Pricing with yearly billing
$23 per month (or $276)
$63 per month (or $756)
$199 per month (or $2,388)


Can I try Alerti before I subscribe?
Yes, for FREE. You can test Alerti for free for 14 days with all options enabled. At the end of the trial period, you are free to continue on a paid plan, switch to the free plan or close your account.

Can I switch plans at anytime?
Absolutely! You can upgrade or downgrade your account at anytime, and add or delete users as you need.

What are my payment options?
You can pay by credit card or via PayPal. If you'd like to pay by wire transfer contact us at [email protected]

Is there a minimum commitment?
No. All accounts are month-to-month. You can downgrade, upgrade, or cancel at anytime.