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Monitor your brand, you competitors or the hashtags of your choice

Create alerts on hashtags, your brand, your products, your executives, your competitors, your industry and follow the conversations on Twitter in real time.

Find the most retweeted tweets

Easily identify the most retweeted tweets which include your keywords with our Twitter dashboards. Filter the tweets per period, author, influence or number of retweets or quotes.

Identify influencers

Identify influencers in your industry or on any topic of interest to you, see what they’re interested in and get to know them better. Find the influencers who mention your brand and identify your ambassadors or detractors.

Measure the tweets sentiment

Measure the volume of conversations and filter the tweets by sentiment to retrieve the positive, negative, neutral tweets in one click and protect your online reputation.

Compare hashtags

Track various hashtags and know which one is the most popular. Easily create graphs which compare your hashtags over time.

Measure the performance of your own Twitter account

Dive into the performance of your own Twitter account and get a clear overview of your key metrics. Analyze reach, engagement and identify your Top tweets. Know which followers are most active and engage most with your brand.

Work as
a team

Collaborate with your team, assign tasks to your colleagues when you find tweets to which you need to respond. Know who answered what to whom and follow the progress made.

Engage with <br> your community

Connect your Twitter account to your Alerti account and engage with the Twitter conversations directly from your alerti account. Reply to tweets, retweet, follow the Twitter users who mention your brand or the influencers you’ve identified.

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