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Develop effective data driven strategies for your destination

Leverage big data and artificial intelligence to analyse reviews and social mentions to measure the reputation of your destination. Easily identify pain points which you can improve and exceed your visitors expectations. Go beyond social listening and get a detailed analysis of all the points of interest of your destination by industry. Follow market trends. Benchmark your key strengths and weaknesses against other destinations and improve your competitiveness.

Improve the tourism competitiveness of your destination

Measure travellers satisfaction, understand their expectations and increase your local, regional, national and international market share

Monitor and measure the reputation of your destination

Monitor all types of sources and measure the sentiment around your destination by following your reputation score, the number of reviews and mentions posted about your destination, their sentiment. Analyze the topics of conversation around your brand. Know your key strengths and weaknesses and detect the positive and negative trends.

Measure visitors expectations

Follow market trends and understand how travellers’ interest for your destination stacks up against other destinations. Identify where the conversations come from and know which countries to target in your advertising campaigns. Detect other queries related to your destination.

Get a detailed analysis of all the points of interest of your destination

Have access to dashboards per industry with a detailed analysis of all the POIs of said industry. Know the distribution of the POIs per category. Measure the quality of service they offer according to the ratings given by travellers of your destination. Follow the evolution of those ratings over time.

Analyze market trends

Understand key trends and travellers interest for your destination and benchmark against competitor destinations. Identify geographic origin of web searches and know which countries to target during your ad campaigns. Identify related web searches.

Benchmark your destination against competitor destinations

Monitor what is being said about competitor destinations and benchmark your reputation against theirs. Analyze the topics of conversation around their brand, know their key strengths and weaknesses. Follow changing travellers’ interest in them.

Key features

Reputation score

Measure your destination’s performance using our reputation score based on the analysis of review sites.

Monitoring of all types of sources

Monitor the web, review sites, social networks as well as web searches and don’t miss anything

Semantic analysis

Identify positive and negative mentions relating to visitors' experience. Detect the topics of conversation about your destination grouped by categories specific to your industry. Implement the necessary action plan to improve your destination’s competitiveness

Analyse the POI
by business line

Get a detailed analysis of all the POI of your destination by industry to understand how they are performing, which are the top and worst performers

Reports and insights

Easily identify relevant information for your destination with our dynamic dashboards fed with real time data in each business line (transport, accommodation, restaurants, attractions)

Competitive intelligence

Measure the performance of competitor destinations and benchmark against yours. Analyse their reputation score, the reviews they’re getting, the topics of conversation around their brand.

Analyse market trends

Monitor consumers’ interest in your destination, understand geographic origin of web searches as well as related queries

Data portability

Manage your data with ease with our flexible system which allows you to export your data or integrate it directly into your existing information systems with our API

Why choose Alerti?

Alerti has been developing a business intelligence platform for over 10 years. Our search engine monitors, collects, translates and analyses data coming from all types of sources and automatically and intelligently transforms this data into knowledge.

A real time AI search engine

Alerti monitors over 300 000 online news sites worldwide

Alerti monitors all channels in all markets and supports over 42 languages with our AI based technology

Alerti monitors social networks, blogs, review sites, posts, comments

With customers in over 79 countries we collect and analyse news as they happen

Detailed analysis to make the right decisions

Act quickly and make decisions based on real time dashboards providing relevant key metrics

Competitive and flexible pricing

Our prices are transparent, with no surprises and the most competitive of the market

An easy to use interface

Our platform is intuitive and quick to learn. You’ll be up and running in no time.

Dedicated support

An account manager is available to help and accompany you

API access

Integrate Alerti data into your own information systems to make full use of the data and assist decision making

With Alerti we have redefined how we monitor and analyze the reputation of the Marrakech-Safi region. The real time dashboards we get per industry give us in detail analysis of our whole ecosystem and allow us to measure the competitivenes of the Marrakech branch in the world. We can easily follow the performance of each Province, see how it evolves over time and share the insights with the key decision makers. It's become an indispensable tool for decision support to manage the destination.

Hamid Bentahar

President of the Tourism Regional Council of Marrakech