Monitor instagram hashtags

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Monitor your brand, you competitors or the hashtags of your choice

Create alerts on your brand, your products, your competitors and be notified when photos or videos mentioning you are published with a direct link to the publication

Measure the number of publications and their sentiment

Measure, per period, the volume of instagram publications mentioning your brand, keywords or hashtags. Analyze the sentiment around those keywords, know the breakdown between images and videos, follow how it’s evolving and get a comprehensive picture of the main trends.

Find the Instagram Top 50 Instagram

Identify the 50 posts of all time with the most likes or comments

Track and compare various hashtags

Track various hashtags and know which one is the most popular. Easily create graphs which compare your hashtags over time.

Measure the performance of your own Instagram account

Get a clear overview of your Instagram activity. Track your key metrics over time. Analyze the evolution over time of your number of followers and the engagement rate of your content. Identify your top posts which generate most comments and likes. Analyze the completion rate of your stories.

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